Inktober 2017

Last month, I took part in Inktober, an ink drawing challenge created by Jack Parker. I decided to make one drawing a day reprensenting an endangered animal, following a list made by DNKN HLFT. Here are all my drawings!

I did not know most of these animals before this experience ! The drawing are inspired by photographs I am not the author of. Here are some sources:
– Iiwi : Photo by Jack Jeffrey found on this page.
– Malimbe d’Ibadan : Photo by Nick Borrow found on this page.
– Indri : Photo by Martha de Jong -Lantink found on this page.
– Pika d’Ili : Photo by Weidong Li found on this page.
– Plectrohyla Ixil : Photo by Carlos R. Vasquez-Almazan found on this page.
– Renard gris insulaire : Photo by Julie King found on this page.
– Vautour indien : Photo by an unknown author (contact me if you know them) found on this page.
– Dauphin de l’Indus : Image by an unknown author (contact me if you know them) found on this page.
– Iguane marin des Galapagos : Photo by Lieutenant Elizabeth Crapo found on this page.
– Cnemaspis Indica : Photo by Saunak Pal found on this page.

Intober 2016: batch 2 and ending

Because of a busy schedule for the end of the month, I am ending my “Inktober” (one drawing a day through October) journey for this year. :) Here are the drawing made since the last batch published on this blog, and an ending drawing. Here are the themes:

9. Broken
10. Jump
11. Transport
00. End

batch2Good luck for those who carry on this challenge. As for me, I may try again next year. ;)

Inktober 2016: batch 1

This year again, for training at digital inking, I am taking part in the “Inktober” challenge: one drawing a day during the month of October, following a predefined theme. Here is the first batch of sketches in black and white, corresponding to the themes:

1. Fast
2. Noisy
3. Collect
4. Hungry
5. Sad
6. Hidden
7. Lost
8. Rock


Not that I am publishing them one at the time on my Facebook page, if you wish to see them bigger and everyday.