Here is a short process video of two small heron paintings. Supplies used: coloured pencil sketch, colour base with watercolours and touch-ups with acrylic gouache. The two original paintings are up for sale on my shop: horizontal format with blue background, and vertical format with green background.

25hBD: Total immersion

In October, during the winter light saving switch, the “25 hours of comics and illustration” take place. A topic and a constrain are provided, and participants have to make a series of 12 comic pages or illustrations.
In 2019, the topic was “total immersion” and the constrain “a recurring element has to appear on each of your pages”.
I tried it out, and I ended up with only 3 pages that I finished outside the time limit! But it’s the taking part that counts, right ?

You can read all the participating artworks on the 25hBD website by clicking on this link.

Here is mine.

Inktober 2017

Last month, I took part in Inktober, an ink drawing challenge created by Jack Parker. I decided to make one drawing a day reprensenting an endangered animal, following a list made by DNKN HLFT. Here are all my drawings!

I did not know most of these animals before this experience ! The drawing are inspired by photographs I am not the author of. Here are some sources:
– Iiwi : Photo by Jack Jeffrey found on this page.
– Malimbe d’Ibadan : Photo by Nick Borrow found on this page.
– Indri : Photo by Martha de Jong -Lantink found on this page.
– Pika d’Ili : Photo by Weidong Li found on this page.
– Plectrohyla Ixil : Photo by Carlos R. Vasquez-Almazan found on this page.
– Renard gris insulaire : Photo by Julie King found on this page.
– Vautour indien : Photo by an unknown author (contact me if you know them) found on this page.
– Dauphin de l’Indus : Image by an unknown author (contact me if you know them) found on this page.
– Iguane marin des Galapagos : Photo by Lieutenant Elizabeth Crapo found on this page.
– Cnemaspis Indica : Photo by Saunak Pal found on this page.

25hBD 2017

This weekend I took part in the “25h BD” (25 hours of comic). We had 25 hours, including the night of the daylight-savings time change, to draw a comic or a series of illustrations. A theme and a constraint were given at the last moment.

The theme was “propaganda” and the constraint “mise en abime”.

Here is the cover of my series of illustration:

You can see the others I made during the event on the official website. They are in black and white, but I intend to colour them when I will have more time, and I will publish them in here.

Also do not forget to check the other participants‘ drawings and comics out.