Inktober 2017

Last month, I took part in Inktober, an ink drawing challenge created by Jack Parker. I decided to make one drawing a day reprensenting an endangered animal, following a list made by DNKN HLFT. Here are all my drawings!

I did not know most of these animals before this experience ! The drawing are inspired by photographs I am not the author of. Here are some sources:
– Iiwi : Photo by Jack Jeffrey found on this page.
– Malimbe d’Ibadan : Photo by Nick Borrow found on this page.
– Indri : Photo by Martha de Jong -Lantink found on this page.
– Pika d’Ili : Photo by Weidong Li found on this page.
– Plectrohyla Ixil : Photo by Carlos R. Vasquez-Almazan found on this page.
– Renard gris insulaire : Photo by Julie King found on this page.
– Vautour indien : Photo by an unknown author (contact me if you know them) found on this page.
– Dauphin de l’Indus : Image by an unknown author (contact me if you know them) found on this page.
– Iguane marin des Galapagos : Photo by Lieutenant Elizabeth Crapo found on this page.
– Cnemaspis Indica : Photo by Saunak Pal found on this page.

25hBD 2017

This weekend I took part in the “25h BD” (25 hours of comic). We had 25 hours, including the night of the daylight-savings time change, to draw a comic or a series of illustrations. A theme and a constraint were given at the last moment.

The theme was “propaganda” and the constraint “mise en abime”.

Here is the cover of my series of illustration:

You can see the others I made during the event on the official website. They are in black and white, but I intend to colour them when I will have more time, and I will publish them in here.

Also do not forget to check the other participants‘ drawings and comics out.

The Biologist

Here is a new “making of” video, showing the process of a watercolor painting. This time, I tried to vary the framing and skip some part, in order to make the video shorter and more interesting.

And here is the final illustration :

This is, in principle, the last illustration of a series of four that I made. They represent a science field, featuring characters inspired by some of my friends. You can see the others ones again here : The Microelectronist, The Electrochemist and The Chemist.

Bulle & Bille

Just like last year, I am taking part to the RevelationLine contest of the comic book festival or Angoulême (France), with my own interpretation of a comic page from the book “Ras le Bill !” of the serie Billy and Buddy. Here it is:revelationline2016_couverturerevelationline2016_strip

The entries can be seen on the “BD jeunes création” platform of the festival, by following this link (in the case the menu was hiding some of them, click on the “ranger” button on it).

Once again, you can support be by voting for this strip until the 4th of January 2017. To do that, one should first subscribe (or connect via Facebook) on the plateform. Once subscribed and logged, one should go on the page corresponding to my comic by looking for it in the list or directly by clicking here. You can then vote by clicking “J’ cette oeuvre” (I this piece) . Thank you for your support!