25hBD 2017

This weekend I took part in the “25h BD” (25 hours of comic). We had 25 hours, including the night of the daylight-savings time change, to draw a comic or a series of illustrations. A theme and a constraint were given at the last moment.

The theme was “propaganda” and the constraint “mise en abime”.

Here is the cover of my series of illustration:

You can see the others I made during the event on the official website. They are in black and white, but I intend to colour them when I will have more time, and I will publish them in here.

Also do not forget to check the other participants‘ drawings and comics out.

The Biologist

Here is a new “making of” video, showing the process of a watercolor painting. This time, I tried to vary the framing and skip some part, in order to make the video shorter and more interesting.

And here is the final illustration :

This is, in principle, the last illustration of a series of four that I made. They represent a science field, featuring characters inspired by some of my friends. You can see the others ones again here : The Microelectronist, The Electrochemist and The Chemist.