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I made a few ant drawings to illustrate a video from Cent Gènes, on YouTube. It is a science outreach channel on the about genetics. The video is in French, but English subtitles are available!

This post is also available in Français.

2 thoughts on “Ant”

  • Enjoyed the video and your illustrations, thank you for the link.

    An interesting tiny error in your illustration: at 5:25 you illustrate two colours with codes #E2VC75 and #ECV5A7 … but of course the Vs should be Bs, as these are real colour codes in hex (and the subtitles get this right as #E2BC75 AND #ECB5A7); I guess the error is something to do with V and B sounding similar in French? A funny mistake for an illustrator to make! Also, for what it’s worth, #ECB5A7 looks more like a redhead to me than the brown you’ve illustrated.

    Good subtitles on the video, helped me understand the French.

    • Dear Michael,

      Thank you for your comment! I am glad your enjoyed the video and could understand it well thanks to the subtitles. I am sharing your feedback with the author of the video! If you liked his work, you can check his YouTube channel “Cents Gènes”, there are a few other ones there.

      You are quite observative, well done for catching the mistake, I had not! However, I am not the one who added the color code captions on screen, I only made the drawing underneath. I chose the colors to apply to my illustrations based on the script of the video which I assume the subtitles are also based on, which explains why they got it right.

      Considering that, I assume the mistake on the hex code in the caption is simply due to a typo during video editing. I am forwarding your remark to the author to let him know, although I am not sure it is possible to make such correction on a YouTube video once it is online.

      Thanks and have a great day!

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