Laboratory equipment

In chemistry laboratories, outfits that leave areas of skin exposed are to be prohibited for safety reasons, notably in the event of a splash of dangerous substances. Long garments and closed shoes are therefore a requirement for the chemist’s protection. Even in the summertime, goodbye shorts and sandals! Unless…

Let me introduce a concept imaginary piece of clothing that allows to stay on top of summer fashion by showing of one’s legs without actually exposing them to chemical risk!

What would be an outfit without proper matching accessories? These nitrile gloves for feet will be in perfect harmony with any pair of sandals, flip-flops and other seasonal shoes.

Joking aside, these ideas would actually present other safety issues. For example, synthetic materials clothes are usually not recommended, as they could be dangerous in case of fire. One would also go without one of the functions of closed shoes that is to protect the foot in case of the fall of an object.

Anyway, I still had fun designing this equipment!

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