FAQ: I answer your questions

Hi everyone! It is time I answer the questions you asked me the last few days. They are all here.

Why are pink flamingos pink?
Since when do you draw?

Since I am old enough to hold a Crayon.bebe

How did you become passionate about drawing?

As a kid, I did not like books with no picture inside. So I was only reading comic books, and I eventually wanted to make some by myself.
textI started to learn with textbooks. Then, I took part in a sort of comic camp during school holidays, organised by an association and led by the author Tommy Redolfi. This is how I developed my taste for drawing.
tommy_enIs pink your favorite lipgloss color ?
Do you like to read? Novels, comics, manga… ? If so, what would you recommend?

I essentially read comics and manga. At the moment, I am reading:

Would you prefer to be followed by about twenty ducks your whole life, or to have a rat coming out of your mouth each time you speak?

The ducks! That would even be enjoyable. I could give them some cute names, and teach them tricks. The other option would result in me having far too many rats, it would be difficult to house and feed them all.
canard_enHow do you make your comics?

First, I make a fast rough copy, a story-board. It allows me to put the elements together into the frame of the panel. Them, I draw a draft with a pencil, on a slightly thick paper. Then, I draw the lineart over with ink, and I erase the pencil. At this step, I also write the text into the speech bubble, in French.

Optional step: I save some area I want to keep white with drawing gum. Then, I apply a wash tint: I paint all the surface with overly diluted colours, in order to get a coloured atmosphere, a colour mood. I do not always do that: I don’t for my weekly strips for example.

Then, I fill the areas with watercolours, with the colours I want. This is my favourite step! Finally, on a separate paper, I write the text in English. I scan and, on Photoshop, I replace the text into the speech bubbles and I adjust light and contrast. And voilà!
canard_gif_enHave you ever tried other techniques or is watercolour your only love?

I have tried other techniques, I like to change from time to time, and sometimes even mix several ones. At first, I used coloured ink, but now I find watercolour more convenient. I have also tried alcohol markers, colouring pencils and punctual experiments such as acrylic paint or Indian ink. Occasionally, I colour digitally.

What is your favourite tool to use?

My two favourite are brush-pens. The first one works with a cartridge fitting into the handle, I use it for inking. The second has a water tank, for watercolour. These are convenient for travelling without carrying an ink or water bottle!

Why does comic book characters always stick their tongue out while focusing? I personally cannot do both at the same time.

You are right, I am not doing it myself either. I guess we all reproduce the comic codes from the comic books we read. But then, who was the first one to picture focusing by a tongue stuck out, and why? This is a mystery. Here is my real focusing face:

On a scale of one to pineapple, what is your favorite color of the alphabet?

The raccoon.raccoonWhat are the three next contests you plan to take part in?

The grand prix of short litterature (French), organised all year by Short Edition, that I recommand to any aspiring writers or artists. Then, the international Nintendo tee-shirt contest organised by Uniqlo. And last but not least, the next edition of RévélatiONline competition (French) by the Comic book festival of Angoulême, for which you supported me last year (thank you again !).
concoursWho’s your favorite animated character?

I do not have one in particular. But here are some I like.
charectersIf you were a Pokemon, which one would you be?

Without hesitation…

Do you have projects for the future? Maybe concerning art or this blog?

I would like to become a professional artist. And, of course, still updating this blog!

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