Intober 2016: batch 2 and ending

Because of a busy schedule for the end of the month, I am ending my “Inktober” (one drawing a day through October) journey for this year. :) Here are the drawing made since the last batch published on this blog, and an ending drawing. Here are the themes:

9. Broken
10. Jump
11. Transport
00. End

batch2Good luck for those who carry on this challenge. As for me, I may try again next year. ;)

Fête de la Science 2016

aluminiumOut of context, this drawing seems not to make any sense. It is actually taken from a science popularization poster I made for the “Fête de la Science” (a science festival in France).
To find out what it is about, come and visit the stand “Comment fabriquer une aile d’avion légère et solide ?” (“How to make a light and tough aircraft wing?”) showed by the maboratory SIMaP at the Fête de la Science in Grenoble (Bâtiment IMAG – 700 avenue Centrale – Domaine Universitaire – 38401 St Martin d’Hères – FRANCE), this saturday the 15th of October 2016, from 10am to 6pm.
How to choose the suitable material? Why are some thougther than others? What happens at the atomic scale and what are the right means of measurement? Come discover it through workshops and with a friendly team.
I’ll be there myself in the morning and in the early afternoon to guide you and answer all your questions.
I hope to see you there! ;)

Inktober 2016: batch 1

This year again, for training at digital inking, I am taking part in the “Inktober” challenge: one drawing a day during the month of October, following a predefined theme. Here is the first batch of sketches in black and white, corresponding to the themes:

1. Fast
2. Noisy
3. Collect
4. Hungry
5. Sad
6. Hidden
7. Lost
8. Rock


Not that I am publishing them one at the time on my Facebook page, if you wish to see them bigger and everyday.